//  Origin:  Wisconsin country girl
//  Genres:  Contemporary Christian
//  Years Active:  2010 - Present
//  Independent Recording Artist
//  Website:  CherieNorquay.com
Short Bio

Wife, Mom, Grammy, Worship Leader, and Piano Teacher are just a few of the hats Cherie wears.  She says, "The course of my life was set in a new direction in 2009 when I went on a mission trip to Uganda. It was shortly after my return from Africa that God began whispering songs of hope... songs of love... songs of encouragement to share with others.  I believe we can change the world each day in the way we live... reflecting God's love to everyone we meet."


Cherie is married to her high school sweet heart, John, and they have five children and two grand children.  


Cherie loves spending time with her family, being outdoors, hiking, cooking, gardening, reading, sewing and making anything crafty.




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Independent Artist:  info@CherieNorquay.com

Booking: John Norquay| info@CherieNorquay.com