Music time kids


  • Research-Based Program
  • Instrument Exploration
  • Traditional Folk Music

Making music is always a joyous experience for young children, which is reason enough to include it on a daily basis. Other benefits of providing appropriate musical activities everyday are:

  • Instantly transforms cranky to calm

  • Enriches all domains of development

  • Nourishes the brain

  • Impacts learning

  • Brings people together creating community

  • Fosters acts of kindness and co-operation

  • Music, unlike other activities, provides an instant connection for most children

  • Music matters and can be available to everyone, anywhere, anytime

Why Sing and Dance With Young Children?

All children are born with the potential to be musical and learn through movement and absorbing. Research findings show that the early years offer an optimal window for nurturing that potential, and support the importance of music and movement in early childhood. Musical experiences can help enhance learning, listening and literacy while providing tools to promote social and emotional success.

PLUS it's fun!